Arabic Alphabet Wall Stickers

Arabic Alphabet Wall Stickers

Arabic Alphabet Wall Stickers

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We are proud of this Arabic Alphabet Wall Stickers since we have specially designed it for all Islamic Schools and homeschooling moms who are always eager to teach their little ones the basic Arabic letters that form the cornerstone of this language. These Arabic Alphabet wall stickers are so significant that only by learning to identify and pronounce these letters can one learn to read the Quran! You can place the best Arabic letter stickers very conveniently on any blank wall of your nursery class or corridor in the school and point at each and every letter each day to constantly remind kids about the sounds of each letter.

Features: Arabic Alphabet Wall Stickers are self-adhesive, waterproof, detachable, suitable for most flat and smooth surfaces.

Material: It is made of PVC material that is non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Suitable for bedroom and baby room.

Application: It can be directly attached to any flat, smooth surface such as walls, ceramics, glass, windows, furniture, mirrors, cars, etc.

Easy to Use: It's easy to peel and stick, no tools are required, and it doesn't damage your wall. Please make sure the surface you want to stick is smooth, clean, and dry before use.