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At Rasiva we help you fill up empty wall spaces with our beautiful pieces of art work & bring peace and humility in your life. Make your home/office a blessed place!


This is a great way to be surrounded by reminders of Allah. I love the statement it makes in the house. It's very attractive and unique. I have seen wall decals before, but having Verses from Quran or Hadeeth and in Arabic is even better. We have two wall arts in our home and feel it makes our home that much better. Alhamdulillah! You are all doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. JazakAllah khair.

Rasheedah A. (Meherrin, VA, United States)

Highly recommended. These are easy to put up and have an impact on the room since they appear to be part of the wall and not separate since there is no frame and no hanging involved. My initial concerns revolved around putting up a decal on the wall and how well it would stick. The instructions for putting it up were great and it ended up being pretty straightforward. It has been well admired by all who have seen it. Well worth it. Will be getting some more, Inshallah.

Hamza P. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)

Irada's products are wonderful. Who doesn't need a constant reminder of Allah SWT? Imam Ali said, "Every statement in which God is not mentioned is a vanity. Every silence in which there is no thought of Him is carelessness. Every reflection in which there is no consideration of Him is an idle pastime." Rasiva's products help increase those reminders in your life! It was easy to apply after watching a video on YouTube and took under 10 minutes.

Sanah M. (Elgin, IL, United States)