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Busy Your Nafs

Busy Your Nafs

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Imam Shafi’i spent much time with early Muslim sages and preserved some maxims, from which this quote is taken: “Your Nafs: If you do not keep it busy with truth, it will keep you busy with falsehood.” Decorate your office or study area with this profound jewel of wisdom while reminding your nafs of its ultimate reality. “Your Nafs” is written in big swash of the Mannerist style to call attention to how the Nafs tries to make falsehood appear pleasant while the last letter “s” hints at a flame shape to remind us of what following the Nafs would lead to.

  • Upgrade any room in your home or office immediately; Just peel,stick and Enjoy this AMAZING Wall Art anywhere.
  • Easy to apply, remove, without leaving damage or residue.
  • Suggested Space Fit: Kids Room, Study Room,Office, Dining Room, Bedroom, Living Room, Shops, Kitchen...

Artwork Q&A

  • What kind of material is this?: This artwork is made of self-adhesive vinyl that sticks directly to your wall. It’s thin enough to look like it was painted on the wall and will last for 10+ years.


  • What are the surface requirements?: The surface that you place the artwork should simply be flat and smooth. It sticks great on walls, glass, painted canvas, smooth wood, windows and mirrors.


  • Can I frame it?: If you would like to frame the artwork simply buy a blank canvas, paint it and apply our artwork on top. It’s the perfect solution if you have textured walls. Many of our customers have done this and it looks beautiful.


  • I'm renting. Is it easy to remove?: Our decal artworks are ideal for renters as they stick right on the wall without any drills or holes. When it’s time to move simply peel it off.

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